surf school booking system

Gliding on water and feeling the wind on your face is an experience I would want for all. Being the odd one out on surf days is not fun especially if there is an already easy way to learn how to surf. Our surfing school booking system allows us to accept online applications from any device and from anywhere. Being able to manage various aspects without actually being physically present has solved some of our inconsistencies. The system will allow me to manage all aspects of daily operations and business development plans as we ride the waves to success.

Importance of a Booking System


Thanks to the surf school’s booking system, my fellow instructors plan their day and the students are reminded to exercise and practice on their boards from home to improve their form and balance. Introducing reminder services for students as well as instructors has made it easier to manage the school.

New Student Application

The surf school booking system allowed me to welcome new students. It also offers a chance to get advertisements out there for a wider range of students. Students watch simple instructional videos on the customizable page and can’t wait to hit the waves and experience the water. Applying is as easy as clicking a button and filling out an online form. Allowing online payments was the best way to go as many people carry and have cards on them and not wads of cash


As for any online service, our Surf school booking system was integrated with comments and a review sections to allow for feedback. They can be anonymous to allow for the transparency. The reviews have been important element to assist in gauging the direction of education and how to improve on the courses and also feedback on how well the instructors can perform their jobs.

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