You have searched the internet, done your basic research and ready to buy a dartboard. Dartboards come in various qualities and durability and a wrong selection will mean a loss in these two aspects. But before you purchase a dartboard from a nearby darts shop or even on an online dart shop, assess what you really need to focus on or look for while shopping.

Here are a few things to focus on while shopping for a bristle dartboard –

  1. Cost: First things first, as a buyer you must have a budget. Once you are aware of your money you can dive in the search for a dartboard priced in your range. It is not necessary to opt for an expensive dartboard for the best quality, but a good quality dartboard surely will cost you a good amount.
  2. Wiring: wiring of a dartboard is utilised to create a distinction between the outer edges and the central portion of the dartboard. A good dartboard has wiring in a manner that prevents bounce outs. The wiring of the dartboard is an important aspect to look for as it determines not only the quality of the dartboard but also the accuracy of the player.
  3. Food grade eco ink: The quality of a dartboard is also determined by the kind of ink used on it. Bristle dartboards like the ones made with sisal are often made with food grade eco inks. This ink sinks well into the material of the dartboard improving its features and quality. This ensures low glare and excellent visibility.
  4. Depth and thickness: When buying for a dartboard you must focus on the depth and thickness of the dartboard. An adequate amount of depth and thickness is mandatory for a dartboard for the darts to stick in well.

A bad choice of dartboard will also cause frustration while playing the game as the darts keep bouncing out and you will have to pick them up from the ground. Therefore, it is important to pick the right dartboard.