I used PrefixBroker to purchase range of IP addresses. I researched several brokers but was drawn to this one by its long experience in buying and selling IP addresses. When I first contacted them, I was immediately impressed by how thorough they were. They explained the process to me without expecting a commitment to buy through them. I was also struck by the breadth of their knowledge and knew I would be in safe hands.

Buying made easy

purchase range of IP addresses

With PrefixBroker handling all the details, my purchase of a range of IP addresses was far easier than I expected. They had thoroughly researched the sellers, so I could be confident they had the right to use the IP addresses and they checked the limitations so I was able to purchase the right IP addresses for my needs. Above all PrefixBroker was tireless in their efforts to get a deal that suited both me and the seller. To purchase range of IP addresses was never going to be cheap, but I am confident I got the best possible deal through PrefixBroker.