Looking for a company that is specialized in diesel polishing? Njord Filtration offers you an innovative diesel polishing system. If you have a business, you know that contaminated diesel is a huge problem. Particles or bacteria’s in diesel can become a problem for the effective running of your engines. By filtering or polishing diesel, many of engine problems will be disappear.

Always sure of clean diesel

We are an experienced company ad we know that our customers experienced many problems in the past. Problems like engine breakdown, fuel starvation and clogged or blocked filters. With our diesel polishing service you are always sure that you are using clean diesel. And if your diesel is clean, you can run your business more efficient.

Want to know more about our diesel polishing service?

Do you want to know more about our diesel polishing service? Or do you want to know more about the other services we offer? Than just take a look at our website or contact us. At our website you will also find more information about our promotions. We are able to conduct diesel polishing services for all sorts of industrial sectors.